Many of us know the value of prayer but developing a meaningful prayer life feels harder than training for Mt. Everest. There is always a little one who needs you, laundry to wash (hey, I know you sometimes skip the folding altogether), and appointments to take the kids to.

Between school drop-offs, diaper changes, paying bills, and getting food on the table, you long for a meaningful prayer life but how? Life happens and you just never get around to figuring out how to deepen your relationship with God.

Have you ever asked....

  • “How do I make prayer a priority when my life is on the spin cycle?”
  • “How can I know God is listening?”
  • “Help! What do I do when I can’t focus long enough to pray?”
  • “Where do I even start?”
  • “What is the best way to stay consistent?”

I've asked the same questions.

I am happy to share what I’ve learned and the strategies that have helped me. That’s what you’ll get in my How to Create & Cultivate a Growing Prayer Life course. My goal is to help you:

  • Feel empowered in your prayer life.
  • Know how to create and use a prayer journal
  • Know exactly what to pray
  • Learn how to cut distractions and stay focused
  • Believe prayer is doable (no mountain climbing required)

In short, I want to help make prayer a priority in your life! You’ll come away from this course with practical tools you can start implementing right away, as well as the confidence that you too can do this.

If you long for a stronger connection with God through prayer, be sure to register for the How to Create & Cultivate a Growing Prayer Life course today!

Here is what others have said:

Dear Sarah, wow, you have sown your seeds of faith in prayer and beautifully cultivated your spiritual garden with prayer. This course has enriched an area of my life that the Lord is growing and I will use the wisdom gleaned from the course in my prayer life. I have used prayer journals in the past and I am definitely going to start again, as well as dedicating a quiet time for Him. I would recommend your course to anyone who wants to encourage themselves to start to cultivate their prayer life. - Becky

I hope you will join me!

By the end of our time together I hope that by sharing my own prayer stories and prayer strategies I will have convinced you of three things:

  1. Prayer is vital.
  2. Prayer is doable.
  3. God is listening.

Don’t wait, come join me in class TODAY! I share a lot of stories, and REALLY practical tips for changing the way we pray.