A Servant

One of the greatest men ever in the Biblical narrative is Moses. He wrote the first five books of the Old Testament, His leadership defeated one of the greatest enemies of Israel’s past, the Egyptians, and his name is mentioned dozens of times in the New Testament. If Abraham was the father of Israel,

Moses was its servant, leader, and priest. Moses’ brother, Aaron, would hold the first title of priest for the newly formed nation in Exodus, but the idea of a priesthood started long before both of these men were born.

God designed in the very beginning with Adam in Eve, that all mankind would live as a certain type of priesthood and would serve as mediators between the God of heaven and this earth. God sought for every woman and man to be intimate with Him.

Moses is indeed a servant of God. As we go through the events of Moses’ life we are going to focus on what God was doing in his life and how this gives our own lives encouragement. We will also make the connection between Christ and Moses on Day 5 of each of the weeks to show that ultimately Moses, the servant of God, points to the Man of God, who was the suffering servant.

This study is broken up into four weeks, with five days of study for each week.  You can do each day in about 10-15 minutes. If you need more time, break each day up into two settings. Go at the pace that works for you!